1994  i came to vienna and this city and the people there have been very generous and hospitable to me. I had a fantastic time in this beautiful and charming city. 
there was the graceful opportunity to work on several very exciting projects and sometimes 
things became very successful :-) you can find some of this projects at my favorite links.

after a long all around the world travelling in 2007 i decided to change some things in my life. too much work and all that stress all the time - no, i had to do anything against all of this.

the time has come to leave vienna and my life there. time has come to work on my lifetime dream and time has come to follow the voice inside my heart.

living next to the sea, seaview every morning, sunset on the beach, cool music, 
nice - international - people around me, a small guesthouse, a small and delicious restaurant, diving when ever i want, a boat and time for it - yes, that is my dream for more than 10 years ...

first i needed to sell my furnitures and things i don't need anymore, everything should have gladly done before the journey can begin :-)

from the beginning of december 2007 i start working at the burg hotel  in oberlech. a nice and cosy hotelbar and an icebar are waiting there. every summer since then i was leaving to thailand.

In the meanwhile I met my lovely partner atid in bangkok in 2008. since 2010 we are married by law in austria and happy together. atid is working as well in lech and we spend our free time together in kon samui. 

i work in wintertime in oberlech and in summertime i am used to stay in thailand. maybe i change my mind one time and stay for a longer period in thailand.

a dream came true ...

this website is suposed to stay in contact with all my friends in austria and the rest of the world. all my friends are invited to visit this site from time to time.

you can leave messages, you can read my weblog, last not least you can visit me and i can arrange you many things you will love for sure  - just stay in contact

oliver kaiser

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